If you see something, activate the siren.

Who is Targatis?

According to legend, TARGATIS is a sea deity in the form of a mermaid who protects sailors from the dangers of the sea. She was responsible for their protection and well-being.
Inspired by her, we have created TARGATIS, a communication channel to protect the company from illegal or unethical behaviour. TARGATIS is at the service of all employees, suppliers and customers who decide to report an incident and seek protection and anonymity.

Who is behind Targatis?

Waterwhale lawyers, specialists in Anti-Corruption and regulatory compliance, pioneers in this area in Spain. Their professional secrecy, as lawyers, is an additional guarantee of protection and absolute confidentiality.

Why Targatis?

A legal requirement is fulfilled in order to avoid criminal liability of the company.

The company is provided with an external channel, following the recommendations of the Spanish State Prosecutor’s Office.

Absolute confidentiality and anonymity of the whistleblower is guaranteed, as a team of lawyers is behind the channel.


Since the 2010 reform of the Spanish Criminal Code, companies may be criminally liable. To avoid it, companies must justify that they have a crime prevention model that meets the legally imposed requirements.
One of these requirements is precisely to have a whistleblower channel to report risks and breaches to the company.
In addition to mitigating criminal risk, this channel can be an instrument to channel complaints in the framework of anti-harassment plans at work.
Furthermore, Directive (EU) 2019/1937 contains a regulation on internal whistleblowing systems in companies, making them mandatory for both public and private sector entities with more than 50 employees, which will be required by the end of 2021.

How does Targatis work?

A person becomes aware of an illegal or irregular act within the company.

You can notify TARGATIS by the following secure means:
1) E-mail
2) Telephone
3) Postal mail
4) QR codes on physical copies
5) Buttons and links on the intranet

Waterwhale receives the tip-off, contacts the informant and after a legal assessment issues a report, omitting the identity of the complainant.

The legal report is forwarded to the company body with a proposal for action to be taken for its investigation and management.

Communication and spreading
Employees aware of whistleblowing channels in 2019
Employees aware of Targatis whistleblowing channels in 2020

Only 13% of our clients’ employees were aware of the existence of whistleblowing channels in 2019. TARGATIS is the first whistleblowing channel that prioritises communication and dissemination of the channel through an eye-catching and didactic format that uses the image of a siren to create around it an effective dissemination strategy among the personnel. After the implementation of Targatis and its communication plan, 78% of our clients’ employees were aware of the channel in 2020.

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