Francisco Latasa


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Boston was the beginning…

Francisco Latasa

Lawyer & partner


Mercantile Law

Foreign trade

Automotive Law


Degree in Law. University of Zaragoza (Spain).

Lawyer nº 5389 of the Zaragoza Bar Association (Spain)

American Bar Association Member (International Section) 

International Anti-Corruption Committee Member (U.S.A.).

Partner-Manager, Bodegas Frontonio S.L (Spain)

My professional experience as a lawyer has been developed in different countries and fields. It is worth highlighting my stay in Boston (2007-2008), a turning point in my professional career. I learnt that, apart from the conventional tasks, there was room for bold, modern, and edgy projects in the Spanish and international legal fields. 


I graduated in Law at the University of Zaragoza and I specialised in Foreign Trade, negotiation, sales, and commercial strategy. I continue my education in International Law through forums and seminars in Europe and in the USA. 


I am a lawyer at the Zaragoza Bar Association and a member of the American Bar Association (International Law)

 I worked for public and private organizations and for financial institutions until 2009. In that year, I started my own law firm, Waterwhale International, together with Verónica Espés. 

In addition to the above, I run Bodegas Frontonio S.L., a project in which efforts and time dedicated have paid off: our wines are present in 28 countries throughout the world.

Bodegas Frontonio practical insights and functioning allows me to be in close contact with reality: first-hand experience is essential to provide my clients with legal solutions from a realistic and effective approach. 


I love travelling and quality coffee.

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