Economic criminal law


Working with foreign clients since the firm´s foundation has led Waterwhale to be one of the pioneering firms in Spain to specialize in this area. We have developed our own model of crime prevention in companies compatible with the Spanish jurisdiction and European Union countries. Its basis is the compilation of every conduct to be prevented in just 24 offences, which enables the communication and effectiveness of our system. We develop realistic plans that are easy to implement at any level of the company.

Our services in Compliance include:

  • Evaluation of risks and processes in the company.
  • Drafting or reviewing of the Compliance Programme as the cornerstone of the company’s prevention policy.
  • Support and guidance in the practical implementation of the Compliance Programme.
  • External whistle blower channel service.
  • Continuous monitoring of programme compliance and internal controls.
  • Training for key people and departments.
  • Evaluation regarding the Compliance Essentia Seal attainment.
  • Participation and attendance at company Ethics Committees.

Crisis management, investigation and communication strategies.


The icing on the cake for your crime prevention plan

TARGATIS, a communication channel designed to protect your company from illegal or unethical conducts. Accessible to every employee, supplier and client who want to report any incidents through protection and anonymity.  

As the engagement towards the company’s regulatory compliance, clients, and business partner grows, the resulting actions should be told to the outside world. To that end, Compliance Essentia seal by UNIR Foundation for Progress was created. 

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