Residence Authorization for Investors

If you are thinking of investing in Spain and you are interested in getting a residence authorization without having to wait up to 3 months to get the resolution, this article might interest you, so keep on reading! 

  1. What is a residence authorization for investors? 

The residence authorization for inverstors allows people to come and live in Spain for an initial term up to 2 years. After such term, if the circumstances which enabled the investor to get the residence authorization are maintained, an extension of the residence authorization can be applied for.  

  1. Who can apply for it? 

Those investors who, have performed at least one of the following investments: 

  1. Financial assets
  • Investing 2,000,000€ in Spanish public debt, 
  • Acquiring shares of a Spanish company which are valued at 1,000,000€, 
  • Investing 1,000,000€ in mutual funds, or 
  • Investing 1,000,000€ in bank deposits of Spanish financial institutions. 
  1. Real state:
  • Acquiring real state valued at 500,000€. 
  1. Business projects. In this case, there is not a minimum amount. However, the business project shall be considered as a General Interest Project. For that purpose, the following aspects are taken into account: 
  • Job creation. 
  • Social and economic impact on the geographical area in which the business will be developed. 
  • Significant contribution to scientific and/ or technological innovation. 
  1. Can my family come with me? 

Sure! The residence authorization can be applied for the family at the same time. However, it is important to highlight that for some investments such as the acquisition of real state, the aforementioned amounts shall be per each residence authorization.  

  1. Then, how can I apply for it? 

This residence authorizations can be applied by electronic means and the Public Authorities shall resolve within the next 20 working days. Otherwise, the residence authorization shall be deemed granted. 

Therefore, if you are interested in applying for this residence authorization, do not hesitate to contact us! 

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